Why did you want to become a doctor?

Dr. Michael Chen wanted to become a doctor because he had a good experience with his pediatrician. His experience with his pediatrician, involvement in community service, and other volunteer endeavors was an inspiration in him pursuing medicine. This eventually led to his interest in practicing Family medicine.  Through shadowing, he continued his love for medicine and primary care. He attended the University of Utah for undergrad and Medical school and later pursued residency through Utah Valley University. Dr. Chen believes that being a physician is a rewarding career with the main benefit of truly getting to help people everyday.

Who encouraged you or mentored you on your way to becoming a doctor?

Family physicians through the University of Utah specifically Dr. Karly Pippitt and Dr. Marlana Li. Seeing them interact with parents and how their patients felt towards them was an inspiration to Dr. Chen. Which made him want to build that same interaction with his patients, but also be one of their patients as well (jokingly). Dr. Chen’s mentors consistently made time for their patients and students which was an admirable quality that Dr. Chen praised.

In what way do you think BPOU will benefit utah?

“It’s important to have providers that represent the diversity of Utah. There is plenty of research that supports the fact that quality of healthcare improves when physicians can relate to a patients’ culture/identity. Through BPO’s events, outreach, and mentorship we are able to improve the health outcomes of Utahns.” Dr. Chen joined BPOU because it was an important organization doing amazing work within the community that he felt was significant enough to devote time to and participate in.