In 2024, the importance of heart disease prevention and awareness in the Black community cannot be overstated. Despite significant strides in healthcare, Black Americans continue to face disproportionate rates of heart disease, often stemming from systemic inequities, limited access to preventative resources, and a lack of awareness about familial predispositions. By prioritizing heart health education and preventive measures, we empower individuals to break the cycle of generational health disparities. Recognizing the intersectionality of the Black experience and addressing the unique challenges faced within the community are crucial steps toward achieving health equity. Heightened awareness, coupled with proactive lifestyle changes and accessible healthcare, can significantly reduce the prevalence of heart disease and foster a healthier future for Black individuals and communities. In February, BPOU teamed up with Salt Lake Fire Department to teach Bystander CPR, and Dr. Jessica Jones shared about the physiology of the heart, heart disease, and health disparities amongst the Black community. Head to American Heart Association’s website here, to learn more.